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Castles History

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Weingut Schloessel, is a winery nestled in the hills of Palentine Germany. This area lies in the heart of the wine region boarding the Alsace France. Due to the richness this area has to offer, viniculture and wine-processing businesses are the predominant economic force of this region.

Weingut Schloessel, located in the village of Kirrweiler, was once the former summer residence of the Prince Bishops of Speyer because of the climate and the wines it produced. Walls once surrounded this residence where the Prince Bishop’s headquarters were and within these walls stood great moated. Unfortunately the castle of the Prince Bishop was destroyed during the French Revolution.

This heritage still lives on but with others residing here, the Schwaab family. These cellars of the castle were created over 500 years ago and are still being used here at Weingut Schloessel for the housing of today's praised wines and Sekts (Sparkling/Pearl wines).

Here at the winery you can have a taste of history as well as a taste of some of the best wines in the Pfalz. Should you like to stay as our guest, rooms are offered for those wanting to vacation at the winery or spend a weekend to enjoy the wine and specialties of this area.

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