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Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Riesling
The grape that is the most famous German wine sort. Small grapes but taller than the other vine sorts, an exquisite fine bouquet and a delicate, fruity.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Scheurebe
Silvaner and Riesling cross. Very expressive wines with strong bouquet and fruity, racy acidity. Great for dessert wine.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Mueller Thurgau
Bred by the famous plant physiologist Dr. Mueller from Thurgau in Switzerland. The wine is delicate with low acidity. Pleasant to drink. This wine is popular because of its light character.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Silvaner
A juicy, mellow wine, very light in acid. An old, well-tried vine sort which at one time was the dominant grape variety in Germany. Only grown in the most favorable locations.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Kerner
Riesling and Trollinger cross. Fruity, fresh wines with a very fine bouquet. Spicy, fruity wines with good acidity. The wines resemble Riesling but are racy, with a light varietal bouquet of their own with body.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Chardonnay
Sometimes moves from crisp, apple-like flavor in cool climates and strong hint of tropical fruit in other climates. Buttery, lemon flavor or clove-like finish, depending on the wine making technique. Ages well, usually in oak.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Weißer Burgunder
(pinot blanc)
The wines have a neutral character, with a discret burgundy touch. High-quality wines can be obtained. He is related to the Chardonnay.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Grauer Burgunder
(pinot gris)
Also called Rulaender, mutation of Blauer Burgunder. Gives robust wines with full bouquet and mild acidity. Drier and crisp wine.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Morio Muskat
Silvaner, Pinot Blanc cross. Produces exotically perfumed and flowery wines. Strong grape flavor. Full-bodied, fruity with spicy bouquet.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Gewuerztraminer
Very old vine sort, spicy wine, remembers on the fragrances of roses, mellow acidity.

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