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A Selection of Wines

Here we would like to present some of our favourite wines. For a complete list of our wide variety of wines for every taste and every occasion, please refer to our order form Our wine.

Weisser Burgunder

2003 Gray & White Burgundy, dry

Summer 2003 perfectly captured in bottles. I think, this best describes the wine, of which every sip reminds me on the perfect mellow grapes of last years summer. Harvested in marvellous late summer weather, this wine reflects its exceptional year of birth. A wide variety of fruit flavours, a balanced and mild acidity and a perfect body are a pleasure for the palate of every wine dedicate. I recommend this wine to autumn mushroom dishes, but this Cuvée is the perfect companion for any other occasion.

Winemaker: Daniel Schwaab, Weingut Schloessel, Junior Manager
Silvaner Kabinett

2003 Silvaner Kabinett

From early childhood on, the Silvaner is my favourite kind of grape. At that time, of course, I was less interested in wine, but in the wonderful grapes, that shine irresistibly golden in the sun. Today I also aknowledge the taste of the wine of those vintage grapes: moderate acidity and a fruity bouquet, that always reminds me on the fine taste of the grapes. Not without any reason, the Silvaner was elected wine veriety of the year 2003. Many new wines came and disappeared, but the Silvaner always survived and will in the future always have the place it deserves in our product line.

Winemaker: Martin Schwaab, Weingut Schloessel, Senior Manager
Dornfelder Barrique

2002 Dornfelder Dry, Oak Barrel

This wine is one of my favourite wines found here in Germany. Before I came to Germany, I had lived in San Francisco Bay area and have had the opportunity to enjoy the wines from the Napa Valley region. This 2002 Dornfelder oak barrel wine has a quality I am familar with. It has gotten its flavor from oak barrels complementing the wine with a unique toasting to the oak barrels. Therefore, the wine is not killed by the oak taste but has been kissed by the oak giving it a special character. It is a wine I can enjoy the whole year round.

Customer: Megan Miller, San Jose, California

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